Marketing & Communication Plan

Itineraries of the Heart (Itinerari del Cuore) is the Italian Quality Mark and Product Club project of experiential and sustainable tourism, created by Bitesp – International Experiential Tourism Exchange, aimed at promoting and developing experiential tourism.

The goal is to develop a qualitative model for operators involved in experiential and sustainable tourism, interested in distinguishing themselves from competitors for the quality of their tourist experiences and gaining visibility on international markets with a precise qualitative message addressed to consumers and operators, in order to obtain important promotional and commercial advantages.

The recipients of the project are all the localities and the extended supply chain of companies and operators connected to the tourism sector, in particular: municipalities, localities, local authorities, local development organizations and associations, tour operators, tour operators, travel agencies, incoming operators, hotels and accommodation facilities, museums, restaurants, experience providers, agri-food and food and wine companies, artisan companies, commercial activities, etc.

All realities that within their tourist offers have an experiential component of any kind that they want to improve and enhance.

The Project includes the following important initiatives:

The Italian Quality Mark of Sustainable Experiential Tourism, established by Bitesp to create a quality standard in the field of experiential and sustainable tourism, capable of increasing the competitiveness and level of attraction of the local tourist offer. The goal is to qualitatively enhance the operators and localities that acquire the quality certification.
The Product Club to be created as an aggregation tool for operators adhering to the Quality Mark to create a national network of activities that join forces to achieve a specific promotional objective, optimizing and enhancing marketing strategies,

Identifying and distinctive elements of the Project

– Synergy with BITESP, a reference event, recognized by operators involved in experiential tourism
– Based on the concept of quality sustainable tourism experience
– Greater qualitative recognition
– It will involve a mix of public, private and third sector entities
– It will connect the guest to the territory in a direct, profound and personal way
– It will increase the visibility of the operators
– It will optimize and enhance promo-marketing, thanks to the strength of the network
– Visibility & co-marketing
– Gamification
– Edutainment

Benefits of the project for participating operators:

– Acquisition of quality certification and inclusion in the Product Club

– Increased Visibility

– Increased sales

– Commercial development

– Enrichment of the offer

– Product innovation

– Contribution to promotion

– New commercial channel

– Quality and improvement path

– Participation in a distinctive values ​​program

Main marketing and communication activities:

Marketing and communication activities, to promote both the specific product and the overall “quality brand” image of the operators involved, as well as their tourist experiences.
Participation in fairs and tourist workshops
Marketing of experiential tourism offers, through the channel of tourist workshops, in Italy and abroad,

Online promotion

– Website with presentation of the operators with dedicated cards

– Promotion on social channels (FB, IG, YT)

– Publication of content, images, videos, events, and activities

– Email marketing campaigns

Educational and Workshops

– Presentation action for influencers, travel bloggers and journalists
– Upon request, organization of any fam trips for international operators
– Organization of workshops with international biuyers

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