Operational advantages of Itineraries of the Heart
The added value of the Italian Quality Mark


The operational advantages of the Quality Mark and the Product Club concern all the protagonists of the aggregation: tour operators, destinations and tourists. The goal is to aggregate the operators who deal with Italian experiential tourism and sustanaible under a Quality Mark which certifies the quality of the tourist services offered to guarantee the tourist and the related Product Club which optimizes marketing and promotion strategies, improving the competitive position of the participating tour operators.
The operators adhering to the project will benefit from the marketing and communication services envisaged in the planned tourist promo-marketing programme.

For Tour Operators, the project offers the following advantages:

There is strength in unity, increasing commercial potential: The advantages for tourism companies that derive from belonging to a Quality Mark and a Product Club are many, but among all, standing out with a certified quality tourist offer and improving the effectiveness of promo-marketing activities with network marketing and communication strategies, to increase business, are the most immediate and gratifying advantages, both in the national and international markets.
Create a synergy between the aggregate operators
Increase the possibilities of promomarketing

For Destinations, the Product Club offers the following benefits:

Creation of a positive image with a recognizable Quality Mark: Itinerari del Cuore presents itself to the tourist market as a quality mark that unites under the same identity a set of operators and tourist and sustainable experiences of guaranteed quality, for the tourist synonymous with quality and safety.
Optimization and qualitative improvement of tourist experiences
Enhancement of local resources and local experiences
Tourist deseasonalization of the locality
Promote the commercial development of local economic operators.

For Tourists the advantages offered by Itineraries of the Heart are:

Take advantage of experiential and sustainable tourist offers of guaranteed quality: The quality guarantee of a Quality Mark and a Product Club certainly has more attraction than a tourist offer proposed by a single operator, because it is synonymous with a guarantee in terms of service customization, reliability and quality control.
Use of innovative services
Wide choice of destinations, structures and tourist experiences at national level.

The challenge to achieve a certified quality standard requires:

The need to make the consumer perceive the concept of a quality tourist destination in order to win the tourist competition with competitors
The need to propose quality experiential and sustainable tourism offers as a distinctive and competitive factor for localities, operators and companies
The interest in enhancing and promoting the peculiarities of the territories
The awareness that the concept of Quality Mark is the winning strategy to encourage the commercial development of the localities and operators of the enlarged tourist chain.

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