The Quality Mark of Experiential Tourism

The Quality Mark of experiential tourism and sustanaible, Itineraries of the Heart has the objective of qualitatively differentiating the operators and localities that acquire the quality certification Itineraries of the Heart, respecting the protocol of the relative specification, guaranteeing the consumer experiential offers and tourist services of high quality.

Itineraries of the Heart  (Itinerari del Cuore) as a Italian Quality Mark project, was conceived and developed by Bitesp – International Exchange of Experiential Tourism, an event that takes place annually in Venice, which over the years has become a point of reference for national and international tour operators who deal with of experiential and incoming tourism.

The  Quality Mark is issued to project participants only after passing the verification test in compliance with the Mark Regulations.

Reasons and Objectives

The tourist market is undergoing a phase of profound transformation, both for the reasons that feed the demand, the traditional destination tourism has been replaced by the new experience tourism, and for the new purchasing behavior of consumers, increasingly inclined to seek the quality and authenticity of experiences.

Furthermore, the tourist competition of destinations and tourist offers is no longer won only on price comparisons, but above all on the quality and validity of the tourist offer.

The winning strategy is the creation of quality experiential offers, paying great attention and consideration to the customer, aiming to satisfy his personal needs, even with Tailor Made offers.

The challenge to achieve a certified quality standard requires:

The need to make the consumer perceive the concept of a quality tourist destination in order to win the tourist competition with competitors
The need to propose quality experiential tourism offers as a distinctive and competitive factor for localities, operators and companies
The interest in enhancing and promoting the peculiarities of the territories
The awareness that the concept of Quality Mark is the winning strategy for encouraging the commercial development of localities and the enlarged tourist industry.

Objectives of the IdC Quality Mark

Create a quality model in the field of experiential tourism and sustanaible, capable of increasing the competitiveness and level of attraction of the local tourist offer.
Increase the quality standard of experiential tourist offers;
Encourage the interest of tour operators in the continuous qualitative improvement of their offers.
Redevelopment of the tourist heritage and the related experiential offers, thanks to the incentive for the achievement of the IdC quality certification.
Develop the quality orientation of the experiential service
Provide new elements for the improvement of the tourist offer
Create new promotion and marketing opportunities through the Product Club marketing strategy
Encourage collaboration between the various network operators
Help localities and operators grow while respecting their peculiarities

The localities and operators certified with the Quality Mark are united by an interest in experiential tourism, a strong territorial connotation, great attention to cultural identity, art and local history, particular care in the creation of high quality authentic experiences, from the interest in enhancing the locality as a tourist destination and in the socio-economic development of the area.

They are companies that belong to the extended tourist chain, localities, tour operators, craft and commercial companies, agri-food companies, etc., whose goal is to intercept the large tourist market made up of aware consumers, in search of quality and the story of the territories , attracted by unique and engaging experiences, with the desire to interact with the natural and human environment of the area.

The conscious consumer seeks experiences to integrate different interests: art, history and culture, with nature, parks and landscapes, with sport and well-being, but also food and wine itineraries with typical local products and crafts, to have a total immersion in the context of the territory, within a high standard of quality.

Ultimately it is a consumer interested in quality tourist itineraries, for experiential tourism based on the identity narrative of the territory, an expression of culture and continuous research in the enhancement of the local tourist offer.

Adherence to the IdC Quality Mark allows you to achieve the following operational advantages:

Distinguish your tourist experience offer with the acquisition of the Quality Mark certification
Redevelop and improve the quality of the experiential offer, highlighting the strengths, peculiarities and interaction with the local area
Optimize promo-marketing actions and marketing investments, thanks to the union of all the operators adhering to the Product Club and amplifying the audience
Offer the consumer a quality tourist experience, from the certification of the Quality Mark.

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